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Welcome to our site!

NUTRIENT SOLUTIONS CO. is a family-owned business with manufacturing headquarters located in Miami, Oklahoma.

North East Oklahoma is a central location for convenient 2-4 day shipping to our customers in most areas of the continental 48 states.

We also ship to U.S. coastal ports for our international customers.


At Nutrient Solutions, our expertise is in developing and manufacturing liquid prebiotic-nutrient formulas, which have both specific and broader applications for Agricultural and Horticultural use.


Our mission: To provide proactive, cost-effective solutions that boost (ROI) “return on investment” for farmers and growers, while also providing immediate and long term soil health benefits.



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Our proprietary “Nutrient-Release Technology”

provides many benefits to support soil health, plant growth, and reproductive vigor.

Each of our products are formulated for targeted purposes in crop production while providing specific nutrients to the soil and plant. Our products also facilitate additional nutrient-release from the soil base.


Our products are verified effective in specific crop use protocols. Crop research is facilitated by independent organizations and Universities. Customer field trials provide additional, real-world evidence of our products’ effect on crop production.

After you scroll through our product intro gallery below, contact us for a free consultation and targeted crop protocols, provided by our Soil Advisors.

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53500 East 170 Road
Miami, OK 74354


844-616-SOIL (7645)

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science for horticulture

Brion Villafranco - Belize

 Brion was born and raised on a family farm. His passion for sustainable farming pushed him to learn soil and plant Biology. He has been consulting fertility for crops such as corn, soybeans, wheat, rice, apples, and onions, to name a few. Brion has assisted farmers and growers from North, South, and Central America since 2012.

Dennis grew up on his family's grain, hay and livestock farm in Ohio. From an early age a day's work on the farm included chores from feeding livestock, to preparing crop fields for planting.

In 2009 Dennis began doing extensive research regarding soil health, nutrient balance and sustainable farming practices for better

bottom-line results. 

Dennis is focused on building crop fertility protocols that boost (ROI) return on investment. 

His consulting has brought success to farmers and growers from Indonesia to Ireland and from

North America to South America since 2010.

Dennis Miller - U.S.A.

Healthy, nutrient balanced soil is a vital living ecosystem that sustains plants, animals, and humans. We must manage our soils so they are sustainable for future generations. Soil contains living organisms, billions of bacteria, fungi, and other microbes that are the foundation of an productive growing environment.

Healthy soil gives us clean air and water, bountiful crops, and beautiful landscapes.


Healthy soil also regulates water, sustains plant and animal life, filters pollutants, and provides physical stability and support.


The quality of our water, food, climate, habitats, resources and much of life depends totally on the way we manage our soil.

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Turning Dirt into Soil!

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